Rich Tags


There are multiple beneficiaries to this project. For researchers in the higher and further education space, Semantic Tags have the potential to make the exploration across repositories more meaningful by creating mechanisms to explore not just the artefacts, but also the concepts/contexts informing the artefacts. Such a tool has the potential to help automatically build up the related work within a domain of interest. For research groups and projects, semantic tag generation is another tool for exposing their work in new, unanticipated contexts, using the possibility of the automatically inferred associations. For the Digital Repositories Roadmap work, with its goal of moving from manual to automatic metadata by 20107, Semantic Tagging adds an additional mechanism for recommending tags (more metadata) for richer exploration of archives. These can also provide hooks through which other associated data besides papers can be linked, such as learning objects, demonstration videos and software. For the RDN agenda, semantic tagging provides another approach for cross-repository linking8.