mSpace Mobile


mSpace mobile supports a number of innovative features to help you explore digital and physical spaces concurrently: a specially designed zoomable interface; persistent context; multiple recommendations, and GPS Ghosts.


You don't live in isolation from your surroundings; neither does your information - you use multiple points of context to support your decision making process. So why shouldn't all these points of context be available to you in your digital space? mSpace brings multiple points of information into view.


mSpace Mobile's zoomable interface, inspired by Ben Bedersen's DateLens, means that you can keep the contexts of your explorations in view. Zoom in on the map to get a bigger sense of where you are; pull back, the associated information is still there.

For questions about mSpace Zoom, contact Alistair Russell

Recommendations: Who do you trust?

mSpace Mobile supports two kinds of recommendations/ratings: buddies and community.

The ratings are available on any item explored: You can explore two types of ratings as well: those done by your friends and those done by the community at large. You can see the average of these ratings, too.

It's also easy with mSpace mobile to add your own fast ratings to somewhere you are or somewhere you've been: select the item, hold, and the ratings window comes up, letting you select the number of stars you wish to give the item, or see any of the reviews.

For the Future: We're pleased to be working with Jennifer Goldbeck of the Mindlab, University of Maryland, who has developed a cool way of looking at calculating Trust rather than recommendation: how do you know who's recommendation to trust? do your friends all share your tastes in films or food? With Jennifer's work (demonstrated in the FilmTrust project), we see a way to begin to figure out who's recommendations would be most like your own.

GPS Ghost in the Mobile

The GPS Ghost is a way to let you know if you've been somewhere before.

If you visit somewhere infrequently you may say i know i was somewhere around here - but i'm not sure where - and is this the place i liked or didn't like?

Wish the GPS ghost, mSpace mobile quietly keeps track of the places you've been. When you want, you can trigger the ghost keeper to see you if you've been in the area or at a particular location in the area before. As a record of your travels, you can pull up the ghost keeper anytime you want to make notes about places of interst: a travel diary without thinking about it. Because the GPS ghost keeps track of your footsteps, you can step back through them when you want, and share your travels with others.