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Bringing you physical, temporal, virtual worlds to the palm of your hand

Click on image to see video of mSpace mobile running on a PDA.
Alternately, you can also choose a 5 min (23meg) overview video demonstrating mspace mobile, and describing its features.

Don't try this at home

What Japenese restaurants are near a cinema showing a film i want to see?

A regular search engine - even one with maps - will mean you have to manage several separate queries with several separate maps and pages: find cinema listsings; see what's showing at each; try to remember where they are. Then look for restaurants featuring your chosen cuisine; see where they are located; try to bring the maps together to see if they're near each other. Then go look for recommendations or menus about the restaurant.

mSpace mobile lets you explore information in more natural ways -
exploring context, association, and relations

mSpace mobile makes it easy - and keeps everything in view. mSpace mobile's innovative interface lets you explore dozens of areas of interest while keeping your original query/quary in sight. So you can find where a movie's playing relative to where you're standing right now, and see just how close or not restaurants are that suit your taste. And it you're curious, you can just as easily head off to explore information about different kinds of cuisine, or the biography of an actor in that film you're seeing, all without leaving your initial context. And mspace makes it easy to keep track of what you've discovered, too: see easily that your movie starts at 7:10; that you're catching the 11pm train home, and so on.


Timeline and Milestones

mSpace mobile is in final prototyping stages. Over the next quarater we plan to develop a version of the software to work on smaller screened smart phones. We will also be producing online forums to make it easier for folks to tag things of interest from desktop mSpaces, rate them, comment on them, and have these connect with mSpace mobile. Look for an early 2006 release for multiple devices.


Wilson, M. L., Russell, A., Smith, D. A., Owens, A. and schraefel, m. c. (2005) mSpace Mobile: A Mobile Application for the Semantic Web. Submitted to End User Semantic Web Workshop, ISWC2005, Galway, Ireland. Available at eprints:


Daniel Alexander Smith
Alistair Russel
Max Wilson
Alisdair Owens
mc schraefel - pi


mSpace Mobile is proud to be sponsored by AKT, the Advanced Knowledge Technology Interdiciplinary Research Consortium, and ECS, the School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton.