The mSpace Explorer

the mSpace Explorer is an application to help people access and explore information

The mSpace Explorer is the first mSpace project to let people "sling mSpaces" across web-based information domains. All the slicing, sorting, swapping and previews attributes available in the mSpace Explorer demonstrator are available in the software framework.

The software framework (available for download on sourceforge) is currently a tad geeky. We are working on several tools to help anyone sling an mspace over information, or to let anyone contribute information directly to an mspace. These tools will be available in Spring 06.

In the meantime, we'll be putting up more demonstrators to let folks create and add to existing mspace projects, such as the December 1 2005 openning of the Independent Artists mSpace - how to let you explore new music you might like but may have no way or time to find.