mSpace Projects

The mSpace software framework is available for free download so anyone can sling an mspace over information spaces.

We're particularly interested in how mSpace can be used to help improve access to information - especially when a keyword search is either to specific or too vague to help put together a picture of a domain of interest.

To that end, we're developing a set of projects to see how we can make it easy for people to contribute to mSpaces, develop their own mSpaces, and use mSpaces to make connexions, associations, and explorations while building new knowledge

We're also interested in exploring how mSpaces can be used to help connect people with each other across domains of interest.

The projects in these pages show some of the ways we've been looking at mSpaces to improve access. You'll also see a page that lists projects that other folks in the mSpace community are using and adapting the mSpace software framework for their projects, from museums to NASA.

Most recently, we've been working with the CHI conference on Human Computer Interaction to provide both a way to help participants explore the massive CHI schedule

and to explore the conference city, Montreal.

The Montreal Explorer is an example of mSpace working with other web technologies, in this case Open Guides and Google Local

If you're interested in using mSpace for your project, or have a project that's already using an mspace, let us know!